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The collective experience of TreatDirect’s team of specialist doctors spans decades, and has helped thousands of people all over the UK to overcome their acne and enjoy beautifully clear skin.

Through knowledge and understanding, the TreatDirect team dedicates their expertise to you, the patient, so that you too can benefit from the incredible results that advanced acne treatment can bring. This medication has been both the science and the magic behind thousands of delighted faces for years.

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Systems & Processes

Our doctors have honed down a method of delivering successful advanced acne treatment so that your experience is quick and uncomplicated.

There are many parts of the process that our expert team manage meticulously so that you don’t have to worry, including: booking timely consultations at a time that suits you, organising blood tests, ensuring they are reviewed by a doctor and the results are verified, arranging pregnancy tests and confirming negative results, preparing the prescription, dispensing your medication and co-ordinating couriers so that you receive this in as little time as possible – as we know you are ready and waiting to start your course.

Like a well-oiled machine we skilfully organise the order and timing of each aspect so as to achieve a swift and efficient outcome for our patients. We will continue to repeat this process on your behalf if required, following every check-up.

Right from the time you say yes to TreatDirect, we are dedicated to you, 100%.

Your success is our goal.

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The package that TreatDirect has composed has been put together with simplicity and convenience in mind.

This package is proven to meet the needs of the vast majority of our patients, with a successful outcome to be had at the end. However, everyone is unique and we recognise that some patients require their own package to suit their individual needs. This is why we are flexible and agile in our approach, tailoring our services to suit your personal situation.

Whether your circumstances require a low dose or a longer course (this may be more suitable for patients who have come through a primary course of treatment), we have an option that can suit you. If your treatment requirements extend beyond our standard package, TreatDirect will accommodate (at a small additional charge) – we will never leave you high and dry.

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Holistic Approach

At TreatDirect, we put ourselves in your shoes, finding innovative ways to enhance your experience.

We believe that treating your acne means addressing the entire concern, not just diagnosing the condition – that’s why we are the first clinic to devise a fully inclusive end to end process so you get outstanding results, and exceptional service.

In our own journey to researching and providing you with the quality service you deserve, we found that few, if any, clinics included the medication as part of the treatment process. We couldn’t understand why this would be, as resolving the issue is surely the main part of your journey and reaching that final goal – beautifully clear skin.

We felt that as a patient, including the medication as part of the package is a must and we got to work on constructing a plan that would do just that, in the simplest and easiest way possible. We stand by our ethos of putting the needs of the patient first. It is this empathetic attitude and drive to go above and beyond, that has earned TreatDirect an enviable reputation for our approach to customer care and makes us the stand out choice from other clinics.

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All our consultations are free and with a prescribing doctor!

Your path to clearer skin couldn’t be easier – start the process, today!

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