Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions as of 23 November 2020

Set out below are the terms on which TreatDirect provides service to its patients. Please ensure that you have read and fully understood them prior to booking any TreatDirect appointment.

1. Cancellation Policy

Consultations are free of charge, and with the prescribing doctor. Once you are under care, you will need regular check-ups with the doctor. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all appointments. Should you need to cancel or reschedule we kindly ask that you email us 24 hours before your appointment. Failure to give the full notice will result in a late cancellation charge of £50 being levied by TreatDirect. This allows us to manage our diaries and offer the appointment time to another patient.

2. Appointments and Cancellations

Late arrival or non-attendance at scheduled appointments may result in reduced check-up time or forfeiting of the appointment. TreatDirect will endeavour to ensure that your appointment runs to time; however, should we need to cancel or postpone your appointment at short notice, we will make every effort to contact you in advance.

3. Treatment Suitability

We will always assess whether treatment is suitable for you, or likely to be successful, prior to taking you under care. If you are not suitable, we will inform you as to the reasons why. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that he or she provides TreatDirect with all the relevant medical details prior to each appointment.

4. What is included in the Standard Package

4.1. Regular video check-ups with the prescribing doctor: These will be by video link and will occur approximately every 30 days for women who may become pregnant, or approximately every 60 days for men or women who are not at risk of becoming pregnant.
4.2. Up to 3 blood tests: The Standard Package meets the needs of more than 85% of our patients. If a patient’s blood test indicates elevated markers, then repeat tests may be necessary. Blood tests can be by visit to one of our lab partners or via postal kit. It is the patient’s responsibility to safely deliver the sample back to our lab if using the postal kit. If a postal kit sample is spoiled, this will count as one of the patient’s 3 included blood tests. Additional blood tests after the included 3 are priced at £75 each. It may be more convenient for patients to opt for one of our affiliate labs to attend for their blood test. Some affiliate labs charge a supplement, a price for which will be quoted.
4.3. Up to 7 pregnancy tests: For women at risk of becoming pregnant, 7 pregnancy tests are included in the package. Additional pregnancy tests after the included 7 are priced at £5 each.
4.4. Generic Isotretinoin up to 120mg/kg: Medication total is based on your initial quoted body weight. Generic Isotretinoin to standard dose of 120mg/kg, for patients up to 75kg or 11 stone 8 pounds, as dispensed by a UK registered pharmacy. Patients that weight more than 75kg require more of the medication, so there is a supplement. If a patient weighs between 76kg and 100kg (15 stone 7 pounds), there is a supplement of £100. If a patient weighs more than 100kg, a price for the medication supplement will be quoted.
4.5 Duration of treatment: The standard package assumes patients are under care for 180 days. If the patient and the doctor agree that an extension of treatment is warranted, a price will be quoted to extend the patient’s treatment to include additional time under care and, if appropriate, additional medication.
4.6. Pricing for the Standard Package is updated from time to time and available to view here.

5. Payment Plans

5.1. Declined payments: If you opt for one of our monthly payment options, payments are processed at advised times regularly. In the event of a declined payment, the patient will be responsible for a late payment charge of £25 and interest on late payments may be levied. If payment continues to be declined for 1 week, TreatDirect reserves the right to withdraw the Finance Agreement and all outstanding payments will become due in full immediately.
5.2. Abandoning Treatment: Once you have been taken under care for a course of Isotretinoin therapy, there is NO option to abandon treatment and discontinue any outstanding payments. All payments are due on the dates indicated in your Finance Confirmation, even if treatment is abandoned for any reason.

6. Patient Obligations

6.1. Acknowledgement of Emails: From time to time, TreatDirect emails patients under care with important instructions related to their treatment. When necessary, these notifications are labelled with a ‘Reply Required’ tag. The patient must acknowledge receipt and provide any necessary input to their treatment in a timely manner to ensure smooth running of their Isotretinoin therapy. Failure to acknowledge receipt and provide the necessary input will result in a fee of £10/day after the first 3 emails sent to the patient have gone unanswered.
6.2. Pregnancy Test Photos: If you are required to submit a photo of your pregnancy test, it must sent to TreatDirect by email no sooner than 24 hours prior, and no later than 4 hour prior to your scheduled check-up. The photo must include the current date on a piece of paper within the photo of the test result. Failure to provide the pregnancy test photo in the form required within the timeframe required will result in a fee to the patient of £10/day until an appropriate photo is received by TreatDirect.
6.3. Progress Photos: We require patients to submit photos of their acne where ever present before the start of treatment, at each check-up, and at their discharge check-up. Failure to provide the photos in the form required within the timeframe required will result in a fee to the patient of £10/day until appropriate photos are received by TreatDirect.

7. Best Price Guarantee

At TreatDirect, we pride ourselves in being the UK’s top specialist in Isotretinoin therapy – whether it’s for speed of patient onboarding, world-class processes, excellent customer service, and even pricing.

To this end, we offer our Best Price Guarantee.

Should you find an eligible and identical service cheaper with one of our competitors (including any additional charges), simply email us on amazing@treatdirect.co.uk and we’ll do our best to match the price of that competitor.

Please note the following:

  • We must be able to verify the price you have quoted from the competitor in question, so please provide us with as much detail as possible.
  • The competitor’s service must be identical in every way the TreatDirect service, including consultation cost, blood tests, pregnancy tests, check-ups, medication, etc.
  • The service must be available to take on new patients.
  • We cannot retrospectively price match, i.e. if you want to take us up on this Guarantee, you must do so before coming under our care. Once you are accepted as a patient, the price cannot be changed or any refund on the difference given.

We’ll do our very best to match the price of any valid competitor, but on rare occasions we might not be able to.

8. Discount Codes

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Discount is applicable to a course of Isotretinoin therapy. Discounts are not applicable toward products of any kind. Offer available to new patients only. Discount is subject to patient suitability for treatment. Discounts are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for money.

9. Liability

TreatDirect will not be liable in contract, tort or otherwise for any economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of profit), or for any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, its provision of any goods and/or services to the patient. The patient agrees to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations given to them by, or on behalf of, TreatDirect regarding the care. Nothing in these terms of business shall exclude or limit TreatDirect’s liability for death or any personal injury resulting from TreatDirect’s negligence.

10. Administrative Fees

10.1. Unauthorised use of TreatDirect copyrighted images, per image per day: £100
10.2. Unauthorised use of TreatDirect copyrighted copy content, per instance per day: £100
10.3. Interest rate for unauthorised borrowing: 65%
10.4. Administrative fee for issuing Default Notice: £50
10.5. Administrative fee for issuing claim in County Court: £150
10.6. Consultations are free for genuine patients. For prospects who have a consultation the purposes of mystery shopping by a competitor, the consultation cost is £4,750.

11. Your Right to Complain

TreatDirect endeavours to treat all its patients appropriately, compassionately and fairly. If however, you have an issue with any matter in relation to your treatment at TreatDirect you are entitled to lodge a complaint, either by telephone or in writing. If you require assistance with making your complaint, TreatDirect will be pleased to help and support you through the process.

The member of staff who initially receives the complaint will convey the details to the Manager or their designated deputy. Where this cannot be resolved immediately, you will receive a letter within three working days to confirm that an investigation into the matter is underway and that a response will be made as soon as possible.

Complaints of a non-medical nature will be handled in their entirety by the Manager.

If your complaint is treatment related the matter will be discussed with the relevant practitioner and may require you to attend an additional video consultation with that practitioner or an alternative member of the clinic’s medical team, including the Medical Director. The objective of this is to provide an explanation or a solution to your concerns. TreatDirect aims to furnish you with a full written response within 20 working days or where this is not possible, an explanation as to the cause of the delay.

Complainants who are not happy with the local resolution are referred to a member of the Senior Management team. If the complaint is service related this will normally be the Managing Director. If the complaint is of clinical nature this will be the Head of Medical Standards. The complaint will be further reviewed within 20 working days and you will be provided with a final written response. If the investigation requires further time, you will be provided with an explanation as to the cause of the delay.

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